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"Joyful Bonds" is a lively and colorful abstract figurative artwork that beautifully captures the radiant warmth of family bonds. In this vibrant acrylic masterpiece, you witness the tender moments between a mother and her children. The mother, adorned in the traditional head wrap,' symbolizing cultural richness and familial ties, embraces the joy of motherhood. She cradles one child in her arms while nurturing another through the intimate act of breastfeeding. The scene exudes love, happiness, and the timeless connection that binds this blissful family together.  

Joyful Bonds

  • 》》 R E A D Y T O H A N G《《
    This original TRADITIONAL PAINTING on canvas with the use of Acrylic medium.
    Can also be shipped on rolled canvas on request.

    ■■ Interested by this artwork, make an offer ■■
    ❶ → Traditional Painting signed work. Certificate of authenticity included.
    ❷ → Protection for shipping (plywood, foam, thick cardboard)
    ❸ → International Delivery Company – DHL/FedEx

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