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She was just made for early MARRIAGE
Life called her and she obeyed with objection not, at her tender AGE
To a place where her innocence was exploited to guilt, for the pain she bears
To a place, she'll dwell till DEATH
At ten she was made a WOMAN
Betrothed just after her BIRTH
By an octogenarian shameless MAN
Her dreams SHATTERED
Her education SHORT LIVED
Promised that if she says no, she will be BATTERED
She cried an ocean, how cruel life is she BELIEVED
Her parents too are so HEARTLESS
They sold their, DAUGHTER
Her life was HOPELESS
Her feelings, education, and dreams didn't BOTHER
But bothered to maintain their desire and selfish LUST
And threw their daughter to a life where life is not sweet like HONEY
A life that not so many can sustain, not even those in the PAST
For her parents did not think about her future, but only thought about MONEY
They called her a WOMAN-meaning WIFE OF A MAN
This was not life, living I wonder how I CAN.

Shattered Dream


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