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Description: In "Guardian of Serenity," the artwork depicts a powerful and symbolic representation of the mother's role in providing comfort and solace. The mother's head, crafted from ice, symbolizes her ability to bring coolness and tranquility into the lives of those she touches. Meanwhile, her daughter's head, formed from hot coal, represents the warmth and energy of youth.

The central theme revolves around the baby resting on the mother's chest, seeking solace and refuge. The mother's ice head, resting upon the baby's head, serves as a metaphor for her role as a source of calm and peace, even in the midst of life's fiery challenges. The ice cooling the coal represents the soothing influence of maternal love and guidance, helping to quell the struggles and turmoil faced by individuals.

This artwork pays homage to the nurturing and protective qualities of mothers, portraying them as guardians of serenity in a world filled with both warmth and challenges. It reflects the universal concept of finding comfort and shelter in a mother's embrace, making her a symbol of peace and sanctuary for all.

Guardian of Serenity


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